Simply Tsfat = Inspiring Entertainment

Sunday, November 1  RUACH celebrated the close of its 10th anniversary celebratory year and the kickoff of its 2015-16 Annual Campaign with a wonderful concert on Sunday, November 1st, in Youth Arts Hall of the Milwaukee Youth Arts Center.  The concert, entitled, “Simply Celebrating 10 Years of RUACH,” featured Simply Tsfat, the renowned Chassidic musical trio from Tsfat, Israel.

Simply Tsfat, comprised of Elyahu Reiter (guitar), Yehonasan Lipshutz (violin), and Yonatan Tzarum (guitar), brought the audience of over 150 people on a spirited musical journey of stories and music.  The group’s lively and eclectic repertoire included musical influences of flamenco guitar, classical, Klezmer, traditional Breslev Niggunim (songs), and even some Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, and Irish music.  The excitement was palpable, and by the end of the concert, the audience was on their feet, dancing with the trio.

The performance was sponsored by Randee and Larry Waxman and Betzalel and Yaffa Karan in loving remembrance of Mr. Waxman’s parents, Micky and Harriet Waxman, of blessed memory.


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