Tales that Unite DVD cover art“Tales that Unite and Delight: A Jewish Story Project” is an outcome of RUACH’s 2009-10 visual arts residencies, which were sponsored by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Mary L. Nohl Fund, The Helen Bader Foundation, and the Wisconsin Arts Board.

As part of those residencies, varied schools and organizations in Milwaukee’s Jewish community created artwork depicting Jewish stories under the direction of RUACH artists-in-residence.

RUACH’s Hillary Griffin brought the illustrations to life using computer animation techniques, fusing the artwork with narrations she recorded.

The result is eight brilliant videos which RUACH is showcasing on the Internet.

This RUACH project, which was co-produced by Ms. Pessie Stein and Ms. Griffin, is the product of countless hours of work, meetings, and the expending of creative energy.

The Project is a classic example of how a Jewish community can unite under a common banner, even if they are not all working in the same room at the same time.  Participating organizations included: Camp Shemesh of the Harry and Rose Samson Family Community Center; Chai Point and Sarah Chudnow Community of the Jewish Home and Care Center; Habush House of Jewish Family Services (which created thematic Project art, directed by RUACH artist-in-residence Karen Reiffman); Hillel Academy; Hillel Milwaukee; Ohr HaTorah Jewish Heritage Center; Torah Academy of Milwaukee; and Yeshiva Elementary School.

The project also demonstrates the creative energy and dynamism of RUACH, Inc., which is celebrating its tenth year of good work.  RUACH brought this Project together, as with many of its successful programs, with a few capable hands.  Just think about what RUACH could do with more support!